Minutes of October 2013 VIBUG meeting

Where: MIT, 77 Mass. Ave., Building 5, Room 134, Cambridge, MA
When: October 12, 2013

President Amy Ruell called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM. All present introduced themselves.

Minutes: Clerk Jerry Berrier read the minutes of our September meeting. They were approved without change.


Amy reminded us that our election of officers will occur in November. Anyone with questions about running for office should contact a VIBUG officer. If you wish to vote, your 2013 dues must be paid. Contact Treasurer Bob Resnick for more information or to pay your $20.00 annual dues.

VIBUG will hold Mac classes for interested members after the first of the year.

We are seeking members interested in assisting with audio setup and operation of the equipment at meetings. Written instructions will be provided. Anyone interested is encouraged to arrive at 11:00 A.M. prior to our regular meeting on November 9.

JAWS 15 will be out soon.

Amazon has announced that their new Kindle will be more accessible.

Amy mentioned several more updates related to screen access software.

Annie Leist announced an accessible event at the Museum of Fine Arts scheduled for October 20. She took e-mail addresses from those who expressed interest in attending.


Following the computer question and answer period, David Kingsbury demonstrated the NLS BARD iOS app.

An MIT student named Connie from the Media Lab demonstrated a prototype of “Finger reader”, a camera mounted on a finger-worn ring that is designed to enable folks who are blind to read printed text on the go via an iOS device. She will be soliciting testers from among us. Each tester will be provided with a Finger Reader to experiment with.

Charlie Warren from Perkins talked about Google Glass. He will also solicit folks to test the usability and accessibility of this product which is designed to provide useful navigational information and other data.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Jerry Berrier, Secretary