As amended by the membership
March 2017

Article I: Name

The name of the association is Visually Impaired And Blind User Group (VIBUG.)

Article II: Members

Members are those people who have paid their membership dues for the current year.

Article III: Dues

1. The annual dues for membership in the Association for the subsequent year shall be set by the members at the Annual Meeting.<.p>

2. Persons wishing to be members and have the option to vote in annual elections must have paid their dues for the membership year one month prior to the annual meeting, held in November.

Article IV: Year

The fiscal year and the membership year shall be the calendar year.

Article V: Governance

The governance of the Association rests with the members.

Article VI: Meetings

1. The Annual Meeting will be held in March 1997 and in November of each subsequent year. The meeting will be called by the President and be held at an accessible place and time determined by the Executive Committee.

2. Business meetings of the members may be called by the President at accessible places and times as determined by the Executive Committee. Any business that may be conducted at the Annual Meeting may also be conducted at a business meeting.

3. Notices for Annual Meetings and business meetings shall be delivered by the President or his or her delegate to each member in media accessible to that member not less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

4. Decisions for the conduct of business shall be by simple majority vote of members present.

5. A quorum for the conduct of business shall be ten (10) members. In the absence of a quorum, a lesser number may adjourn the meeting.

Article VII: Officers And Executive Committee

1. There shall be a President, Vice President, Clerk, Treasurer, and Webmaster elected at the Annual Meeting for one (1) year terms commencing at the beginning of the fiscal year or as otherwise designated by the members and continuing until their successors are serving.

A. If more than one person has been nominated for possible consideration for any of the above-named positions, the vote shall be taken by secret ballot. The President and the nominating committee shall determine the appropriate method for conducting a secret ballot vote. The candidate who receives the greatest number of votes shall be elected. If more than two candidates have been nominated and on the first ballot no candidate has received a majority of votes, then the candidate with the fewest votes shall be eliminated from consideration and a second vote by secret ballot shall be taken.

B. As we now have members on-line, the following shall apply to them. In any situation where the vote does not require secret ballot, they shall have the opportunity to state their preference through our on-line system either by voice or by text. For any secret ballot voting they must email or text to the officer who has been designated to receive their votes.

2. The President shall preside at meetings, be responsible for the program of the Association, and may appoint other officers and committees to advise the members on matters of business and to plan and carry out the program. The President shall be a signatory on all VIBUG financial accounts and will act on behalf of the treasurer should the treasurer be unable to fulfill the treasurer's duties.

3. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, carry out the powers and duties of the President and shall maintain a list of members, and be responsible for development of membership.

4. The Clerk shall take or cause to have taken and keep on file the minutes of all annual and business meetings, keep on file the by-laws and business papers of the Association, make copies of minutes and other business papers available to members and certify as needed the business decisions of the members and election of officers.

5. The Treasurer shall receive dues and other revenues of the Association, open bank account(s) for the safekeeping of these funds, pay the financial obligations of the Association, keep accurate financial records, report to the members at least orally at meetings, and in writing annually the financial activity and balances of the Association, and ensure that the Association's business is conducted in a fiscally responsible way.

The treasurer shall make available to the President all pertinent passwords and account numbers associated with VIBUG financial business.

If for any reason the treasurer is unable to fulfill his duties, the President of VIBUG shall have the authority to conduct the treasurer's duties until he is either able to resume them, or a new treasurer is elected.

The treasurer shall make available for review to any two (2) members upon request the written financial records. This right of review will be exercised with no less than seven (7) days notice to the treasurer.

6. The webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining the web site, including posting monthly meeting notices and minutes, adding new features to the site as requested by the membership, and keeping the site in compliance with current accessibility standards. The webmaster will also respond to requests for information regarding web accessibility when requested.

7. The Executive Committee shall consist of the five officers and shall be presided over by the President, shall bring to the attention of, and advise the membership on, all matters of business required for the proper conduct of the Association, and shall in the case of emergency or the inability to convene the members exercise as needed the powers and duties of the members, except for the election of officers.

8. The execution of checks, bills, documents and other instruments shall be by the officers as determined by the members in accordance with generally accepted practices for each of their offices. The officers and Executive Committee shall have such other powers and duties as the members from time to time may confer upon them.

Article VIII: Nominating Committee

There shall be a nominating committee consisting of no fewer than three, but no more than five members.

In April of each calendar year the president or his designated officer shall ask members to indicate if they would be willing to serve on the nominating committee. In May, if the president or his designated officer has not received volunteers, this officer shall contact members and create this committee.

In June all members shall be advised as to the make-up of the committee and how to contact members if they are interested in being considered for any office. No member shall serve on this committee for more than three consecutive years. This committee shall present their recommendations for officers in September of each calendar year, and should remind members of their recommendations at the October meeting.

Article IX: Disolution

In the event that Vibug disbands, all remaining assets after any outstanding debts are paid shall be given to a charitable or non-profit organization selected by a majority of the remaining members which best reflects Vibug's mission.

Article X: Amendment To By-Laws

Amendment to these by-laws may be made as regular business at any annual or business meeting, provided that the specific wording of the proposed amendment, and notice of voting on the amendment as an agenda item shall be delivered to the residence, place of business, or e-mail account of each member not less than seven (7) days in advance of the meeting. Only members may propose amendments.

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