Minutes of March 2013 VIBUG meeting

Where: MIT, 77 Mass. Ave., Building 5, Room 134, Cambridge, MA
When: March 13, 2013

President Amy Ruell called the meeting to order at1:00 PM. All present introduced themselves.

Secretary Jerry Berrier read the minutes of the December 2012 meeting. He agreed to correct Gretchen Thompson’s name. The minutes were approved by the membership.

.Amy said there is a problem with Talking Communities today, so we will be unable to accommodate online participants for this meeting.

Jim Roberts was not present, but Amy summarized his income and expenses report for 2012.


Amy asked that people needing to reach her prior to a meeting not wait until the last minute. She also reminded us to use the VIBUG website as a resource for information on upcoming meetings, etc.

We discussed and agreed to hold an iPhone Pairing class at 10:00 AM on Saturday April 13. Individuals who want to learn about the iPhone will be “paired” with experienced users.

Amy mentioned several resources for learning about topics covered at the recent CSUN conference.

Amy talked about a recent visit to the BOSE store and recommended that we use diplomacy when discussing our accessibility needs. Sometimes being assertive but non-threatening can result in a discount.


Following the question and answer period, there were four presentations.

Bob Resnick demonstrated a Bank of America process that facilitates invoicing VIBUG members for annual dues payments. Those who wish to participate in this process can sign up to pay their dues through an associated online process.

Cambridge-based game developer Qwasi Mensa demonstrated some accessible iOS games he has developed. He created Stem Stumper, and he is now working on a new game called LetterClever. His games support Voiceover, and he May be seeking blind beta testers in the near future.

Jennifer Harnish demonstrated Fleksy, a popular and useful typing prediction program for I devices.

David Kingsbury demonstrated iTube, an accessible Youtube-like app for playing audio and video files on an I device and briefly showcased feeddler pro, an accessible rss reader.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Jerry Berrier, Secretary