VIBUG Minutes for March 12, 2016

Where: MIT, 77 Mass AVE., Building 5 Room 134, Cambridge MA
When: March 12, 2016

Officer Addresses & Committee Reports

Vice President: Frank Ventura announced currently 35 paid members.

Treasurer: Bob Resnick presented the following:

Webmaster: Tim will put up the minutes and Tech Q&A are updated for each meeting.

Sunish: has been representing VIBUG with NARALO a div. of ICAN; Jerry will send his info to Sunish. Rich Welch will write inquiry of expected benefit of VIBUG participation.

Bylaws: Jeanetteand Al seek member input please contact

Annual meeting needs change in bylaws as mentioned by President Berrier.

Nominating: No Report

Programs: Suggestions to Maria offered presentation RIVO keyboard. UEB potential presentation Elizabeth Beth White from Carrol Ctr willing presentations on these in April potentially.

Mac Class Today pre meeting: covered Safari

membership Committee: Only two members with two volunteers today any interest contact Jeanete, Nina Vinod C and Laurie M indicated interest.

Jerry gave some tech updates

Tech Q&A: items

See for full Q&A


Ashley Brow: Presented Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 Narrator and NVDA Windows-Enter: starts narrator out of the box. Four finger triple tap for gesture help. USB ports mini and full. SharpKeys used to map keys like applications key shift f10 works. Double tap function key to toggle mode mentioned by Evan Ashley concluded at 2:31

Johathan Gale, Dan and Arrie from MIT hackathon presented app for room light detection with audio and vibration feedback named Boop not in app stores yet and several participants had the app installed to test in coming weeks.

3:13 Jerry began his presentation about IOS Repeat checklist app.

3:18 Adjourned

Secretary Milissa Garside