Date of meeting: March 13, 2021

When: 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Where, Virtually

The meeting was called to order by President Frank ventura at 1:00 p.m. Following introductions, the following announcements were made.

Jerry Berrier, Vibug Vice President reported that he had removed many people from the VIBUG support list for nonpayment of dues. Once he has received notice that they have paid dues, they will receive an email detailing how they may join the VIBUG Support List, and the VIBUG Announce List. He will also send an email to those he removed explaining how they can pay dues and get on the Support and Announce lists and to welcome them back. You can pay on the website via PayPal or credit card, or you can send a paper check to Bob Resnick.

Jeanette stated minutes will go out soon and thanked people for their patience. Also, the recordings have been easier to hear with people's cooperation and keeping themselves muted.

Bob Resnick reported that there has been an issue with reaching out to Bob and he is working with the officers on this issue, and we hope to have this issue resolved soon. On this day two more people joined VIBUG.

Frank said for now "CC" any emails to Bob at and he will make sure your information/concerns get to Bob.

Jeanette reported that HIMS, Inc. is doing a major upgrade and they will be releasing the "BrailleSense 6". This is an upgrade from the Hims Polaris, and there will be various trade-in options. For more information about this upgrade and trade-in options, go to their website. Also, Seasun occured this month; there was a registration fee for the events, but the exhibit hall was free. Archives will be available for those who registered till approximately March 27th.

Frank announced in Massachusetts, there is a program called "Mass. EDP" (Mass. Equipment Distribution Program). If you meet the income qualifications of the program, you can choose to receive either a landline phone or a cellphone. You need to pay for the service on these phones. You can Google their website for the application. 911 funds it but a different group runs it.

following questions and answers, David Kingsbury talked about how to use "comments" in word.

Kelsey Nicolay demonstrated how to use touch i.d. on your I-devices.

Following these demonstrations, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanette Kutash, Vibug Clerk