Date of Meeting: March 12, 2022

WHEN: : 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Where, Virtually

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. by President Frank Ventura. Following introductions, the following announcements were made.

Frank stated we were on Covid restrictions for the meetings through June, and potentially even in to the fall. Once we are in person, we will maintain a zoom component as well.

jerry Berrier, Vice President stated we have at least two new members since the last meeting. We have an announce list which anyone can be on; it is not very active. We also have a VIBUG-Support list which can be used to ask questions or bring up issues relevant to anyone in VIBUG only. Once anyone joins a note will be sent to that person to subscribe to that list. He hopes that anyone joining would get on to that list, as it can be useful and helpful.

Bob Resnick, Treasurer, states some people don't recollect whether they have paid dues for 2022, send him an email at: and he will respond to your email. The link for the email is also on the web site. If you want to pay you can go to the web site and hit the paypal button and pay through either a paypal account or a credit card. If you need to pay through checks you can reach out to him and he will help you make arrangements.

Tim stated all devices for recording and the zoom meeting in progress are working well.

Following questions and answers, David Kingsbury demonstrated some aspects of Spotify.

Jeanette Kutash and John Smith talked about HOW TO PUT a vaccination record onto a cell phone.

Frank Ventura talked about how to create and share folders in Dropbox.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanette Kutash, Vibug Clerk