VIBUG Minutes for May 14 2016

Where: MIT, 77 Mass AVE., Building 5 Room 134, Cambridge MA
When: May 14, 2016, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The meeting was brought to Order at 1:00 by Frank Ventura and introductions were made.

Committee Chairs:

Jeanette needs a conference calling system to meet and Frank will get a conference calling system for Jeanette’s committee so that they can meet. Jeanette plans to present changes with the constitution committee next month.

Frank gave an update on the membership committee. The membership committee is growing and the member ship is in the same place it was last year at this time. If you become a VIBUG member, one of the benefits is being able to be put on the VIBUG support email list which is important because VIBUG does not physically meet in July or August. Members will get updates on the support list which will announce VIBUG virtual meetings this summer.

Maria Rueters from the program committee brought up some ideas that the committee may do in the winter. One of the ideas is to present on an indoor navigating system called PERCEPT which is being tested by the University of Massachusetts. Currently this system is installed at the Arlington subway station. Another idea is to demonstrate Zoomtext Fusion.


VIBUG currently uses TC conferencing for its online participants. We used TC Conferencing because Amy Ruell did some testing for them a while back and they offered VIBUG use of it for free. TC Conferencing has its limits. VIBUG is testing a new program called Team Talk. VIBUG may start using it for the June meeting. VIBUG has its own room. Renting a Team Talk server is only about $40.00 a year. Team Talk is also full duplex. We may test out Team Talk by doing some virtual meetings for July and August.

Jeffry Drucker is volunteering to put labels on people’s white canes with a phone number in case the cane is lost. If interested, email Jeffery and he will bring your label to the next meeting.

Milissa Garside Read the minutes and they were accepted as read.

We had questions and answers.


Maria Rueters demonstrated the small keyboard called RIVO. It can be used by people who have dexterity challenges and who have difficulty using the Gestures to navigate the IPhone. It can be purchased at Perkins Solutions.

Frank Ventura demonstrated Docuscanplus.

Tim Cumings demonstrated Rodger which is a walky-talky app for the IPhone.

Jeffry Drucker demonstrated a digital recorder.

The meeting concluded at 4:00.<./p>

Secretary Milissa Garside