Date of Meeting: May 9, 2020

When: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Where: On Line virtually<

The meeting was called to order by President Frank Ventura at 1:00 p.m. Following introductions the following reports were given.

Jerry Berrier, Vice President said we have five or six new members since last meeting. We have two email lists: Vibuhg announce, which you can subscribe to from the Vibug webpage. Vibug Support is for members. You can subscribe once you become a member; you will receive an email with the details about subscribing to that. You can ask each other questions, share information about new technology and communicate with other members of VIBUG.

Tim Cumings, Webmaster said everything was working well on zoom. We are not using VIBUG computers or sound equipment for this meeting.

Bob Resnick, our treasurer, stated to join VIBUG it is $20.00. There is a PayPal button on the website and if you cannot pay with that he will help, or reach out to him at and he will assist you. Our account is in good standing.

Jeanette Kutash reported that the minutes have been sent to Vibug members,but there is a problem with getting them approved. Amy suggested that within two weeks if there are no corrections they be considered accepted and put on the website.

Frank announced The Vispero offer of free software is still active. You need to have an email address within the US or Canada.

June has been an online meeting anyway, and hopefully we will be able to go back to being able to get together in the fall, but we always have our online option.

David Hunt stated that for lynx is out The version he recommends people use is available at: .

David Kingsbury stated Heather Thomas wrote a book that was released on May 4th entitled "Getting Started with Zoom Meetings: A Guide for Jaws, NVDA and IPhone Voiceover Users", which is available for $18 at the Carrol Store at The book is written in text format.

Mr. Warner announced that NVDA version 2020.1 was just released recently. They added support for some new Braille displays, they fixed math support in Microsoft word and some new stability and bug fixes in Microsoft Word. It is available from

the eloquence and vocalizer add-on is on the code factory website, and it says it is compatible with NVDA 2019.3 and later versions.

Jeanette Kutash talked about the Harbolt Company products, two neck laniards and one neck mount.

Jerry Berrier talked about the "spectrum access" app.

Frank demonstrated the app "GV voice".

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanette Kutash, Vibug Clerk