Date of meeting: September 10, 2017

Where: MIT, 77 Mass. Ave,Cambridge, Building 5, room 134

The meeting was called to order by President Jerry Berrier at 1:00 p.m. Following introductions, the following reports were presented.

Frank Ventura reported that we have over 60 members. We have two email lists, one for distribution only and one for discussion. If you feel you should be on one of those lists and are not, contact Frank Ventura at

Bob Resnick reported that we have $8326.20 in our treasury. Dues can be paid via paypal or through your credit card via the paypal button.

Tim Cumings reminded people that on the website we have past VIBUG meetings, and many resource pages.

Jerry reminded us that in addition we have The VIBUG minutes, classes, and bylaws. Also, Blind Bargains items on sale are there. Minutes were not read as they are not available due to Milissa's absence.

People can reach out to David Kingsbury as chairman of our programs and demos committee at: He asked Jerry to send out an announcement that if people have interest in having things demonstrated or in demonstrating a particular product they should reach out to David. He is also looking for people to join his programs committee. Members are: David kingsbury, Maria Rueters, Amy Ruell, honorary, and Al Stenn-clanton.

Jerry discussed Vibug's mission. You can access VIBUG's mission statement by going to our web site.

The Bylaws committee, Jeanette Kutash and Al Stenn-Clanton, reported that the bylaws are updated unless people are requesting that additional changes be made.

Nominating committee, Brian Switzer, Rhonda Mencey and Jeff Thompson, made the following officer recommendations.

Jerry announced that elections will be held in November 2017. People can vote in person or on line. 2017 dues must be paid by the end of the October meeting in order to vote in the election.

Jaws 2018 is coming out in October.

IOS11 will be out in October.

VFO is coming out with a new version of the Focus Braille Display with an aluminum casing.

There will be a test of the emergency broadcasting system that includes some accessibility features on 9/27 at 2:20 p.m, with October 4th being the rescheduled date if needed.

Perkins Library is now selling cartridges and other digital accessibility products related to talkingbook library services.

The Seeing AI app is worth downloading and trying.

Chicken Nugget has been updated and is working quite well.

The rules for quiet cars have now gone into effect.

Questions included:

Dr. Henry "Trae" Winter, Eclipse Soundscapes' Principal Investigator, spoke to us about the eclipse soundscapes app and associated website which can be accessed at and John Smith, Bob Resnick and Tim Cumings discussed accessible video options.

Jerry Berrier demonstrated a product the O-6 which works with bluetooth, and can be used with any Iphone.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanette Kutash for Milissa Garside