Date of Meeting: September 10, 2022

Where, Virtually

WHEN: : 1:00 to 3:15 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 by Jerry Berrier, Vice President. Following introductions, these announcements were made.

Jeanette announced that the minutes were up to date and submitted to Tim, explaining that since there were no additional announcements and only the officers' reports and the demonstrations, she felt comfortable with just submitting them.

Tim announced that he had made some updates to the website but that all was working as it should, and zoom was working as well, including the fact that the notice for the meeting went out.

Bob Resnick announced that the treasury is in good standing. All expenses are paid for zoom as well as services for the domain. If anyone has not joined yet, go to and go to the PayPal button where you can pay via paypal or a credit card. if you have any difficulties, please reach out to me at: and the email is also on the website and you can click on the email address there, as well.

Jefffrey Drukker announced that he received an email from MIT, announcing that the MIT hackathon has returned after being absent for two years. This is an event where they solicit project suggestions to help disabled people (not just those who are blind). You submit an email form, and do a write-up about your project. They pick the most likely ones. You get invited to a dinner at MIT where you present your idea about your project and if a group of students wants to work on your project you get assigned six students to be on your team and they spend a semester working on your project. You are officially enrolled in MIT and you have to attend the class, do all the work that the students need to do, including the homework, and at the end of the semester there is a PRESENTATION of what they have done, some build items, some do research and write a paper and justify why that is all that they could do, but they apply a lot of science to their projects. He will forward the email about this to Jerry.

Steve Dresser announced that the Jaws 2023 beta is now available. You can go to and look for "things about Jaws" and "Public Beta." You also may be able to google this beta. He has not found anything he does not like, and there are some interesting features. You should read up on the "what's new" as well.

Jerry announced that if you plan to be eligible to vote this year, you need to pay your dues by the end of the October meeting. You can pay them on line, and if you cannot do it that way, reach out to Bob and either send a check or work something else out with him.

Jeanette announced that Frank was going to contact people about the nominating committee. He is away until the 15th of September. You will hear from him or me, if he asks me to do this, after he comes back. This will hopefully all be smoothed out by the October meeting.

Following questions and answers, Steve Dresser talked about the Blink security cameras that he purchased, including why he selected this particular brand of camera, and talked about the reasons he felt this was a good purchase to make.

Jerry Berrier demonstrated the game Wordle, and showed how to play it on the Iphone.

Tim Cumings described the Pomodoro Food Storage containers, and demonstrated how to use them.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanette Kutash, Vibug Clerk